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We duplicate your master disc onto our high-quality media to ensure the finished product is compatible with the broadest range of electronic hardware. All masters are tested in a variety of playback devices before CD/DVD duplication begins.

CD/DVD Duplication is ideal for Low Volume and/or Quick Turn requirements. Known as CD-R, CDROM, DVD-R, DVD-ROM or CD/DVD Recordable Disc Duplication, CD/DVD Duplication is the process of duplicating data onto an existing pre-made disc. This disc is known as a CDR, short for Compact Disc Recordable, and DVDR, short for Digital Versatile Disc Recordable, respectively.

CD/DVD Duplication is very similar in theory to duplicating a 3 1/2" Diskette, Audio Cassette or Video Cassette. In all cases your are duplicating data onto existing media. Existing media is the key. Unlike CD/DVD Replication, you begin this process with a pre-made disc that is capable of receiving recorded data.

Quick Lead—Time!
Without the need of longer machine set-up times or, CD/DVD Duplication is ideal for your quick lead time or short run requirements.

Lower Costs!
The costs for smaller quantity runs can often be more affordable than with small run Replication costs. Through our high-tech print machinery, quality 4-color process printing is available on your CD / DVD and packaging. As the printing is done straight from your electronic files, there are no film costs to worry about.

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